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Arista offers a range of Electronics Manufacturing which includes Surface Mount, Thru-hole and Mixed Technology.

It has 10 Siemens Siplace surface mount placement machines arranged in 2 lines to allow resilience, flexibility and maintenance without disruption of production. The lines are capable of placing 160,000 components per hour to ensure that volume production will never be an issue. They can place component types that include 0402, QFP, QFN, Micro BGA and Fine Pitch components.

It has a Seho Wave Solder Oven for soldering of single sided SMD boards in a controlled process with pre-heating, automatic fluxing and of course wave soldering of all the joints to give a more repeatable and better-quality solder joint.

A VI AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) System is used for Inspecting all SMT component placement. This allows simultaneous checking of component body placement and solder joints without compromising production time. It also detects missing components, misplacement, tombstone, polarity, coplanarity, solder paste excess/bridging and lifted legs.

Our Quality Control process covers all the manufacturing stages and third-party products to ensure our high standards of product quality are met.

Arista offers a full turnkey service from design through PCBA manufacture and full box build, up to shipping to the end customer.

Our electronics engineers and design engineering specialists have many years expertise in the products and services offered by Arista. The ability to incorporate new technologies quickly and effectively is one of the Arista's main strengths.

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