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Arista know the value of the Supply Chain. The Supply Chain for the components of the end product is the first stage in a successful manufacturing plan agreed with you on contract placement. A simple component costing less that £0.005 can delay a manufacturing run, delay shipments to the end customer and potentially cost you, our customer, the contact you have trusted us to complete on time and on budget.

Arista have dedicated Purchasing Managers and Buyers who work the best Supply Chain solution for you. We keep track and form relationships with suppliers from the initial design stage (if applicable to the product) and throughout the lifecycle of a product. Component supply and obsolecence management is critical to our success, and to the success of our customers product.

The ability to manufacture component parts within the group allows a fully streamlined production process where there can be full control over resources, storage and delivery schedules and importantly attain production targets.

At Arista we work to reduce material cost and maintain full availability of components. Customer lead times fluctuate, and in order to be able to produce at short lead times and respond to fluctuations we need our suppliers to have maximum flexibility while maintaining costs. We have a bespoke inventory management programme in place for assemblies that have regular orders. We will optimise stock holding levels in-house to minimise the liability of excess inventory, utilising wherever possible our Supply Chain Partners flexibility in supply to provide the best solutions to ourselves and our customers.

We have sourcing strategies in the UK to minimise leadtime issues, and source globally from approved suppliers for cost savings where leadtimes are longer or more flexible.

Where a customer has specific preferred suppliers,or supported pricing from distribution or manufacturers we will work to incorporate this into our own supply chain strategy to give the customer the benefit our supply expertise and the benefit of supported pricing on their products.

Component obsolescence is a fact of life within Electronics Manufacturing. Technology changes, processes change and manufacturers update their products in a constant cycle. Arista has the skills and expertise to deal with obsolescence. We will check at the quoting stage for any parts that have went obsolete or are on End Of Life. Often there is a direct replacement that just needs verifying from your design team to ensure compatability. Where a component has went obsolete and there are no direct replacements, we can offer suggestions or design solutions to incorporate new devices.

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